Link FM

Celebrating 21 years



Link FM celebrates a momentous 21 years of serving the greater East London community on the 3 February 2018.


Despite Link’s fast growing listenership, the driving passion of the team is to cover more ground. Link FM’s footprint covers a radius of approximate 150km’s from the East London transmitter on the frequency 97.1 FM and from the King William’s Town transmitter on the frequency 92.1 FM. Link FM, since inception, broadcasts in and around East London on 97.1 FM and has subsequently acquired a 2nd frequency 92.1 FM to reach Alice, Grahamstown, Bathurst, Port Alfred, Komga, Idutywa, Butterworth, Stutterheim, King William’s Town, Bhisho and every town in-between. Link FM also broadcasts on the DSTV music bouquet channel 875 throughout Sub – Saharan Africa reaching all of South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho and parts of Mozambique.

Link FM has 2 on-air studios both running RCS software - the world's largest broadcast software company which is used by more than 10,500 radio stations worldwide and has been servicing the industry for over 35 years.


The station broadcasts in English, isiXhosa and Afrikaans. Daily shows feature everything from Surf Reports, The Birthday Box, Comedy Corner, Focus on The Family, The Morning Business Proverb, Devotions, news, sport, traffic, and weather updates.

The isiXhosa programs are extremely interactive via all forms of social media. The program content varies from prison ministry to marital advice and HIV/AIDS awareness programs.

Link FM also specializes in outside broadcasts. An outside broadcast is a great way of attracting feet through the door of any business.

Link FM’s community involvement is something close to the heart of the management, staff members and volunteers. The station continues to reach out to the impoverished communities of East London with various projects whilst also interacting on a spiritual and social level.

Link FM offers affordable advertising rates, catering for small to medium and large corporate businesses. Link FM can deliver to the advertiser a substantial audience at a very reasonable cost. It can put a brand into a unique context that enhances an image of an ethical, community oriented and positive brand. An advertised brand will always find itself in a context of strong family / community values and an ethical and moral ethos. The station is registered as an independent Public Benefit Organization Christian. Link FM has a significant and diverse listenership, biased towards the upper LSMs. They can deliver this audience for your brand in a custom-made and very price-competitive package and they will put your brand into a positive and caring context of high integrity and strong moral principles - `Good Clean Radio” - It makes good business sense.

According to Market Research, 72% of Christian radio listeners prefer to buy from a business that advertises on their radio station while 62% say they would shop more at a known business if that business advertised on Christian radio.

Radio is one of the most popular forms of "offline" advertising and has the ability to target an audience and offer repetition which makes it a very effective advertising medium. In fact, some of the most effective campaigns in business history have been "radio-only" ad campaigns.

A study conducted by The South African Advertising Research Foundation found that there are more radio listeners than TV viewers in South Africa.

Right now, we take it for granted that we can only access the radio stations that exist in the geographical areas of where we live. That suggestion doesn't hold as strongly in the minds of listeners anymore. Link FM is available on your smartphone anywhere in the world.


The personality of the brand is of a stable, responsible and solid citizen. The personality is friendly and engaging with a young-at-heart outlook and approach to life. It is respected by its peers.

If the brand were a person you would be drawn to this person as a calm and positive presence in a turbulent world; someone you would turn to in a crisis. People enjoy its friendliness and cheerfulness.

There is nothing fleeting, flashy or false about this brand – but it is not dull or old fashioned either. It is not pretentious, nor is it unstable. Link FM is authentic and relevant – a heart for the people.