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“Bless the Nation” – 50 Days of Prayer Initiative



Apr 16 – Jun 4 all-day

50 days of joint prayer by various prayer networks and denominations across South Africa to speak love and blessings over South Africa in a united effort.

“16 April – 4 June 2017,” South Africans will be joining together in the first of a 50 days of prayer initiative with a focus on the seven spheres of society. During this period we would encourage prayer walks and prayer drives to cover the target area of our prayers.

Praying a daily blessingover South Africa.

Prayer-walking, Prayer-driving, Prayer-cyclingyour neighbourhood, community, town, township, city, farms, countryside, shopping mall, business district and industrial area.

Intercedingfor the salvation of those who are lost and without the knowledge of God.

The prayers of Individual believers, prayer-watches, prayer-groups, congregational prayer.


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